The one eyed garden gnome and other scenes.

I feel as old as dirt now but that’s okay because I really like dirt. I’ve been spending all of my free time playing in it. This has been an unusually cold spring and is turning out to be a ridiculously cold wet summer. I’ve been constructing a spiral garden. Stone creatures meet live critters for fun and mischief. Th garden is over-run with cheeky chipmunks. They tear through my compost, dig up my plants, steal shells, make holes in the stone wall, and torment Little Nemo. Who need TV?

New Friends

He shows his true face in this one.

Double Trouble

Post Sedum

Peeking Out


Spiral Garden


Chives and Pinks

Poppies and Tulips


TheĀ  compost bins C.P. made for me out of our old deck wood.