Chimerical Charms and Alchemical Amulets.

It seems that amulets and talismans are in the ethers lately, which makes perfect sense. It’s the times. These times are strange aren’t they? This is my experiment in jewelry making with tiny versions of my paintings as the jewel. They are one half inch to one inch square original works (not prints) that I have made into charms and pendants.

This ouroboros intrigues me. I admire the mischievous look in his eye.  The others are under 8mm teeny tiny mixed media paintings set in sterling silver bezels. This was fun to do.

Undersea Dreaming, Pompeii

In 79 AD, the Roman city of Pompeii was completely buried in ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, then completely forgotten until it was rediscovered in the mid-18th Century. Many of its citizens attempted to flee but few made it.

This image is a fanciful telling of a fugitive from Pompeii who dove into the sea and was changed by Neptune into an octopus. He now drifts in the depths, dreaming of his former life.

disbound, rubbed, worn, cracked soiled, torn, and wrote on, wrote in

Scribbling on scribbled on old book covers.

Miasma Flower of Eye

An amusing ebay listing:

Up for your amusement is this disbound, bad, stained, soiled, heap of crap. It smells of smoke, dead fish, cat pee and who knows what. It would serve as excellent fodder to start your summer campfire or supply your camp outhouse.

If you have millions & are looking for a good investment opportunity then take a look at this!!! All your friends have these rare & pristine books to show off, but YOU will have a one-of-a-kind pile of raggity papers no-one can do a one up (or down) on you with.

BOOK CONDITION: On a scale of one to ten this book doesn’t register. It is disbound, rubbed, worn, shelfworn, sunworn, cracked, cracking, stained, soiled, torn, ripped, dog eared, folded, faded, foxed, browning, wrote on, wrote in, wrote over, wrote off, but hey… you could truly own a one-of-a-kind book!!!!

Yes friend, there is rare art contained within these pages (scribbling, drawing, coloring) duly drawn and preserved in the contents by budding young artists who never made it & are deceased now, their work all but forgotten but for the pages herien. In 2 or 3 hundred years when handwriting is lost art this book will be worth millions!!!

Sounds like my kind of book except for the fishy feline odor.