6 thoughts on “Twilight in Autumn

  1. These pictures made me smile :)

    I’ve never seen pineapple sage before! Also, love your Divine Hermaphrodite! Is that a representation of Tiresias?

  2. Nin, thanks for your comment! The connection to Tiresius was not a conscious or deliberate one, but I think some alchemists have related the hermaphrodite to him. Bringing the Tiresius connection does add a whole new dimension of interpretation which is intriguing. :)

    The sage has a heavenly scent that really is just like fresh pineapples.

  3. One last rose – perfect. I love the way you’ve caught the light on its petals. And “The Divine Hermaphrodite” is – dare I say it? – divine. ;)

  4. He was the first thing I thought of because you had the Hermaphrodite with the serpents and two heads, which really is so delicious to think about, the duality of him and how his was really the first caduceus. (the staff that separated the two serpents). But yes, suffice to say, I love this picture, there’s just so many layers to all your work that is delightful!

  5. Thank you Nin. I always appreciate your take on my work. I’ve always been fascinated with the symbolism related to Hermes, including the caduceus. And hermetic symbolism is found in such abundance in alchemy, that my fascination spreads to even the more subtle imagery, where Hermes still peeks through in many disguises.

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