Wading in a Winter Wonderland

Such an amazing amount of snow for the coastline. It usually doesn’t start to accumulate until 200 feet from the cliff and never more than an inch or two. Now here we are at 50 feet and buried in snow. I think there is nothing quite as lovely and peaceful as walking on the shoreline in winter. It is especially enjoyable and surreal in all this snow. I can see this easily becoming too much of a good thing so I’ll enjoy it for now and hope it isn’t a trend. We’ve been fortunate (so far) and haven’t lost power for more than a few hours at a time.

The garden has completely disappeared. I haven’t see another living soul walk down our beach road for weeks. Little Nemo desperately wants to go out and investigate this strange new landscape. Freya is hibernating. I’m either in the crow’s nest working or in the cave learning the piano on the new Christmas keyboard. C.P. McDill is learning to play the guitar. Perhaps we’ll be real musicians one day.

There are seals sunbathing on the big rocks at the point. I bare the cold (literally) and follow their lead whenever there’s a break in these cold snaps. Otherwise, it’s the tanning salon for me. I prefer the rocks and the sound of seagulls to the humming slab and Britney blasting overhead but I do need my UV fix or I become cranky and my skin itches.

There is a garden under there somewhere.

Nemo looks out.

C.P. McDill looks in.

27 thoughts on “Wading in a Winter Wonderland

    • I’m amazed he let that slip through. He’s the one who loads the pictures from my camera to the computer. Pictures of him rarely survive the transfer experience.

  1. I love the snow against the shore in your photos.

    I try not to bake in the sun too much, but I took the day off yesterday so I could spend the afternoon sitting in the sun in a park. It made such a difference to my mood today. :)

  2. When I lived in NH and ME, I used to like driving to the ocean during the winter. It was quiet, and so beautiful. How lucky you are to live there year round. Are you close enough to hear the waves all day?

    • I can hear the waves if the windows are open unless the sea is rough. During a storm I hear them through the storm windows. I do feel fortunate and I love it here. I am amazed that more of the local people don’t visit the beach in winter. It’s like they just forget it’s there until late spring.

  3. Nice pics! :-)

    I remember taking my first pictures of snow visiting friends in Colorado and learning the snow causes the image to be underexposed.

    I wish my digital was easier to use manually. I’ll have to check on how to set it manually.

    The pics I took when we had snow here in Louisiana before Christmas came out a little grey as I expected.

    I’m hoping we get more snow this winter. The conditions have to be perfect. We do get snow every so often, the previous time on Christmas, 2004. That was magical. :-)

    • After I took these pictures, I discovered that there is a setting on my digital camera specifically for taking pictures in the snow. I should read the manual instead of just winging it. I tend to mess with mechanical thingies without reading the instructions. I hit the little buttons until something works which doesn’t always work out so well.

      If this “global warming” keeps up, I am confident that you will get more snow. :)

  4. Ooh, you got a piano or a keyboard? What kind? I recently got some software for electronic music composition and I’m trying to learn it. Piano is a wonderful instrument.

    • It’s an electric piano with four voices. There is grand piano, electric piano, harpsichord, and string. Nice. C.P. found a deal at Musician’s Friend. I’ve always wanted one. I want to learn to read music and it’s also a good way to practice voice.

        • Is there global warming? I think the jury is way out there on that one.

          I think I’m okay either way. If the ocean rises past the top of the cliff, it will stop people from parking on the landing, the ugly barn red kiosk will float away, and (since I am in a bowl) I’ll have a lakeside property. I like to look on the up side. No worries.

          Fortunately, the East Antarctic ice sheet gained about 45 billion tons of ice between 1992 and 2003 and that puts the ocean’s rising point (at least for now) at zero.

          • I’m a firm believer that there is global warming, but agree that the picture is complicated. For instance, if the Arctic icecap melts it could freeze the Gulf Stream, bringing an ice age to Europe.

            Also, the erosion of beachfront property is at least partly caused by numbnuts building on friable soil and hastening inevitable erosion.

            Good to hear about the ice sheet. That helps. Everything I love is near the ocean, it seems. New York, Boston, the British Isles…

  5. Beautiful snow shots. Little Nemo and his cataloons – like he is wearing the feline equivalent of stripey witch socks.

    • My snow shots pale in comparison to yours.

      Little Nemo in cataloons. I never thought of it. He does look like he is wearing them. I’ll have to get a good clear shot of those thighs when he is standing up.

      • I’m afraid I plagerized the phrase “cataloons” from CuteOverload. There was a cat drinking from a fountain with very fuzzy pants that prompted that word. Isn’t it amazing how we can become so fascinated with kitty-cat body parts?

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