23 thoughts on “Wrapped in Paper

  1. Once Nemo assembled all the supplies for making art, he realized his lack of thumbs was a problem and resorted to telepathy. Is that paint brush getting closer?

    • Hah! You crack me up.

      This really did make me laugh out loud. I do think my cats want to make art and that icon is the cutest thing ever. You know how I feel about kitty feet.

      • Usually I just crack myself up.

        Kitty feets…the fuzzy parts between the toes!!!!

    • Hah. Yes, and they are always conscientious enough to hold down only what you want to use or are reading.

    • That one was trying to escape or something. Clearly, it is not where it belongs. Nemo does have this thing about how everything and everyone goes in a certain place. He will complain loudly if C.P. and I switch seats or use each other’s computers. It drives him crazy.

    • He’s more of a hugging cat. He’d rather skip the petting and go right to the hugging and smooshing.

      • this is a cat I need to meet! mostly I figure I’m lucky I have golden retrievers as they are endlessly patient with my need to hug and smoosh them. *g*

        I love that first picture especially. it looks as if you opened a packet expecting fish and chips and found a large cat instead!

        • Funny you should mention golden retrievers. I often remark that Little Nemo reminds me of a gold retriever. We sometimes call him Nemo puppy. He’s like a cross between a large cat and a retriever, which is my favorite kind of dog.

          Now I am craving fish and chips.

    • Re: purr

      Awe. Me too! :)

      Nemo is a lovable guy. He’s in the other room having a conversation with himself. Lovable and odd little guy.

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