The New Abode

I have moved from the garden by the sea to a garden in the woods not far from the sea. It’s another hobbit-like house built into a hill with a half acre of cleared land for gardens and a forest of brambles. There are wild berries and herbs hiding in there somewhere and I’ll find them eventually. C.P. and I have made a small dent in setting up new gardens just in time to put them to bed. Freya loves it here. I’ve never seen her so relaxed. Little Nemo is still pouting. I think he misses his ocean view. I don’t. When I look out of any window, all I see are trees. It’s so peaceful and much warmer. The ocean is a 20 minute walk instead of a 20 second walk. This beach has more rocks which also means that there are fewer people. Not bad at all.

Forest garden - under construction

The old shed has electricity and running water so with a little patience and labor I’ll have a new studio by next summer.

future studio

still in progress

There are water pipes everywhere and a well.

needs work

The view from the front and Freya’s favorite new spot.

Do I know you?

Freya's new perch

My flying carpet. Mine!

Don't Fall!