10 thoughts on “Nemo decides to clean my brushes.

    • Hah! Nemo is a walking cat-astrophe 24/7 and he’ll drink practically anything. A fabulous cat to combine with a artist. :/

      You do have the best icons.

  1. So adorable! Kitties love brushes and pens and pencils, the dirtier, the better. Phoenix also loves romaine lettuce cores (like catnip!) and plastic.

    I love your orange kitty!

    • I love him too but he’s a crazy little guy. He will eat or drink the most horrible things. Nemo eats plastic and my spider plants and he loves chives but he hates lettuce.

    • Is he rubbing them on his cheek or his gums? Nemo likes to have his gums rubbed and rubs them against everything.

  2. I expect to see him rubbing his paws together in some evil (yet cute) dialogue “mawwhhhaaaa…zee world will be my canvas. I shall own you all.”

    • He does that. How did you know?

      At this moment, he whacking all the babies off of one of my spiders plants. He’ll probably eat those too.

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