From A Book Pirate’s Booty

People tend to throw away the books and pages I like to collect. I call them “well rubbed” like in The Velveteen Rabbit. I don’t care if they are burned, torn, water logged, scribbled in, doodled on, used as a repository for stickers, or completely falling apart. It just makes them more interesting. I am especially interested in early readers and other books for children printed before 1944. Books in good shape are added to my collection of reference material. Those in ruins are either repaired or transformed into works of art and other treasures. I take donations.

A small complaint or “what a little glue could do”.

Bookbinding tape is ridiculously expensive. I know it’s archival but it is just tape. I am tempted to improvise with some wood glue and a roll of black ribbon. The good news is that I have my hands on an entire lot of early readers, spellers, and primers from the turn of the century that were really dirt cheap. It seems like there is an abundance of them in Pennsylvania. One of these days, I’ll have to go there with a truck.