Chimerical Charms and Alchemical Amulets.

It seems that amulets and talismans are in the ethers lately, which makes perfect sense. It’s the times. These times are strange aren’t they? This is my experiment in jewelry making with tiny versions of my paintings as the jewel. They are one half inch to one inch square original works (not prints) that I have made into charms and pendants.

This ouroboros intrigues me. I admire the mischievous look in his eye.  The others are under 8mm teeny tiny mixed media paintings set in sterling silver bezels. This was fun to do.

29 thoughts on “Chimerical Charms and Alchemical Amulets.

    • Thank you. I am working on more pendants. They take a little time because they are constructed just like my larger work with all the layers and need proper drying time. I have good bezels ready for them.

  1. these are really really beautiful.
    looks like you’ve got a zodiac theme going.
    can’t wait to see something virgo-like. :)

    but really, these are gorgeous and i want to buy one when i get a job again. :)

    • Thank you.

      I have other charms that are not zodiac signs. I just happened to be drawing those when I decided to make something as small as possible.

      It is crazy how many people are out of work. It never crossed my mind that I would see this in my lifetime.

  2. *GASP* I was about to ask if I could lay claim to a Sagittarius when you made one, and then I see a Sagittarius there! Eep! Is it still available? How much are you selling them for?

    • I understand. It seems everyone is a little poorer these days. I do appreciate the just looking not buying too. That’s mostly what I do.

      I have the fabulous timing and of course start putting out work again when no one has money. No worries. I’ll try not to make a habit out of that. :)

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